Advertising Lease Agreement

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There are companies on the Internet that offer services for the application of advertising graffiti on asphalt. Use their services carefully, they break the law, rarely enter into contracts and in case of problems with a contractor, the court will not help. If the owner of a café seizes the asphalt himself, he is fined two: for illegal advertising and property damage, as well as for repairs. In accordance with the law, the lease must be registered in a number of situations. This is done in a special register of the state. If you are a tenant in a building with a café on the ground floor, ask the owner of the outdoor advertisement. He probably already held a meeting by renting the premises and getting permission to advertise. In this case, you just have to agree with the owner. An important point is precisely who will exactly own the property that will be leased. The legal placement of outdoor advertising frightens many coffee owners even on paper.

They do things differently: they pay inspectors every month, they don`t advertise outdoors, they do it with signs. How to advertise is the choice of an entrepreneur. This is a section on what happens when you choose illegal ads. 4.4.2. The tenant has the right of pre-emption to renew the tenancy agreement for a new term and to enter into a new tenancy agreement. If the owner of the café at the beginning of the article chose a city billboard instead of a fence, there would be no problems. Or it would be a problem not for the owner of the café, but for the owner of the advertising space. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation establishes a list of articles that govern the operation of such an agreement. All aspects are reflected in paragraph 2. The contract to lease an advertising space on the façade of building no. “G. As a person acting on the basis, referred to as “lessor,” on the one hand, and in the person acting on the basis, referred to as “tenant,” the following persons referred to as “parties” have designated this agreement, referred to as “convention,” as follows: 1.

SUJET OF VERTRAGe 1.1. The landlord rents, and the tenant accepts for rent an advertising space that is part of the façade of the building at the address: square meter, size x (hereafter referred to as object). 1.2. The lessor owns the building mentioned in point 1.1 of this Agreement, on the basis of the right to private property according to the State`s registration certificate of rights in the year series no, registration register in the Single National Register of Property Rights and Transactions with it No. 1.3. You will receive permission for any outdoor advertising. They do the same advertising in every city in Russia. But the way to obtain the authorization is regulated by the local authorities. For example, in St. Petersburg, to install an advertisement or sign, it must be approved by the Planning and Architecture Committee. There is a separate settlement for Moscow, the most difficult and longest in Russia.