Amazon Master Services Agreement

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76.1. You are responsible for providing end-users of your products or services using Amazon Augmented AI (including end-users in your private staff) with appropriate privacy instructions and obtaining all necessary consents from those end-users. You have assured us that you have provided all the necessary data protection information and that you have obtained all the necessary consents. 76.2. If you use Amazon Mechanical Turk staff at Amazon Augmented AI: (a) you cannot provide data or content containing protected health information or other identifiable information for a particular person, and (b) you confirm and accept that your content made available to Amazon Mechanical Turk staff may be moved outside the AWS region where you use Amazon Ai Augmented. “Amazon refund rules” refer to return and refund policies posted on Amazon`s website for products and services offered on this Amazon website. 45.1. “AWS Professional Services” is a consulting and consulting service provided by AWS as part of a Work Statement (SOW) to help you use other services. AWS professional services are “services” for the purposes of the agreement. “CA Amazon Site” refers to the website whose main homepage is identified by the, as well as any successor or replacement of that site. “Your distribution channels” refers to all distribution channels and other means by which you or one of your affiliates offers products or services with other physical activities. 53.5.

Unless otherwise stated, your subscription or subscription to your end-users will not require a subscription fee for Amazon Chime`s free features. Amazon Chime`s free features are not guaranteed for a certain period of time and AWS may restrict, modify, restrict or terminate the use of Amazon Chime`s “free” or “basic” features by a natural person, entity or group of entities. If you or your end-users log in and use paid features of Amazon Chime, and then, for some reason, including non-payment or violation, access to paid services by your end-users is interrupted, you and your end users may be reset to Amazon Chime`s free features and not have access to data and other hardware. you or your end-users may have stored in connection with Amazon Chime. and that AWS data and hardware can be erased. We may amend or amend this Agreement and all policies or arrangements in it at any time, and these changes or changes are effective as soon as it is published on this site. Your use of Easy Cloud`s fully managed service as a result of such changes or changes represents your acceptance of this Contract as revised. If, at any time, you do not agree with the terms and conditions of the agreement or any of the policies of our website, Easy Cloud immediately stops using the Service and includes your account. We can notify you by email of any changes or changes to this agreement by email.

Therefore, it is very important that you keep your contact information with Easy Cloud up to date. We assume no responsibility for your failure to receive significant notifications if such an error is due to inaccurate contact information. AWS Terms of Service – These additional conditions apply to your use of certain 54.2 services.