How Do I Remove My Partner From My Tenancy Agreement

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If you have agreed to stay, it is usually best to explain this to your landlord and ask them to update the rental agreement. Your landlord doesn`t need to agree. If you are the only tenant and you want your ex to be eliminated, you can tell him that he must leave with reasonable notice and maybe change the locks if that is not the reason. (But see below if you are married or a life partner, or there are children). If your lease is valid for a fixed period, you have a “fixed-term contract.” You can also request a “non-harassment order” in addition to an occupancy order if you want to make sure your ex-partner doesn`t approach you (for example, if he`s been aggressive or has a history of domestic violence against you). Find out about your options if your relationship breaks up, if you have a joint lease in a private rental home, and if one of you wants to move. If you have ever tried to clarify things with your ex-partner and find it difficult, you can get help to reach an agreement. A specialist called “Mediator” can help you and your ex-partner find a solution without going to court. But it only takes one tenant to terminate the lease – the whole lease for all – at least when the fixed term of a lease is completed and/or the lease is periodic, or if a break clause allows an early termination by a tenant. When a tenant has a joint lease with their spouse or life partner, they become alone when their spouse or life partner dies. If you desperately need your ex-partner to move, you can ask the court to decide who stays at home – this is called an “occupancy settlement.” To find out how to apply for an occupancy appointment, click here. The remaining tenant is not entitled to a rental agreement for the property. Sometimes, however, the landlord may decide to transfer a new lease to the remaining tenant and stay in the property.

Talk to your nearest citizen council if you want to apply for a rent transfer – a counsellor can explain the process and help you find a lawyer. If you both want to go, you should try to end your lease if you can. The remaining tenant should sign a new contract with the landlord. This must be done before the end date of your existing lease. If your partner wants you to leave and the lease is in his name, you can ensure that you have the right to stay there. The tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract that defines the obligation for the social landlord to carry out repairs in the tenant`s house. If the parties are married, it is possible to request an order for the lease to be awarded exclusively under the 1973 Marriage Cases Act. This can only be done in the context of divorce proceedings or legal proceedings, and not at another time. Sometimes it is not possible to award a rental contract.

Contact your nearest citizen council for help with your lease or if you`re not sure you`re eligible. If you are married or in a registered partnership, it is a good idea to register your “original rights” online. This means that you are told if your ex-partner is trying to sell the house or if the mortgage lender is trying to own it again.