Three Year Contract Agreement

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Article 373. The procedure for the employer`s review of the reasoned opinion of an electoral trade union body in the event of a breach of the employment contract Part of an employment contract may define the need for a trial period necessary to test a worker`s skills and abilities in order to determine whether an employee corresponds to the position occupied. In the event of the termination of a branch, representative or other structural part of an organization located in another region, employment contracts with staff members of that structural organization are terminated in accordance with the rules of termination of employment contracts in the event of the dissolution of an organization. In public and municipal institutes, universities, etc., clerks, rectors, deans of the faculty, branch managers (Institute) are occupied by persons under 65 years of age, regardless of the closing period of the employment contract. Individuals in the above positions who have reached this age are transferred, after agreeing, to other labour relations corresponding to their qualifications. Persons who represent employers or workers who have committed violations or breaches of the obligations of the collective agreement are punished at the level and manner set out in federal law. The employer has the right to withdraw the worker`s disciplinary sanction before the one-year deadline from the date the disciplinary sanction was imposed on the worker, of his own will, or at the request of his direct boss or the representation of the workers. The determination of real wages includes wage indexation related to higher prices for consumer goods and services. In companies financed by certain budgets, indexation is carried out in accordance with the law or other acts of standard law. In other types of businesses, indexation is done according to the collective agreement, contracts or local standard law of the company. The rules of the organization`s internal work rules are generally an endorsement of the collective agreement.

In case of technical necessity, the employer has the right to transfer the worker for a period of no more than one month to a job in the same organization, which is not mentioned in an employment contract. Wages must be paid on the basis of the new employment position, but should not be lower than the average wages than the previous position. This type of transition is possible for the prevention of a disaster or a technical accident or for the elimination of the consequences of a disaster, a technical accident or a natural disaster; to avoid accidents, stand upright (temporary work stoppage for economic, technical, technical or organisational reasons, destruction or property damage and replacement of a missing staff member). Due to the state of health, the officer may not be transferred to an organization that opposes that staff member because of his or her medical condition, in accordance with the results of the medical examination. The employer has the right to enter into a vocational training contract with a jobseeker and a training contract for retraining with the organization`s staff. In accordance with labour laws, labour and other interconnected relationships can be regulated by workers and employers who modify, modify, annex collective agreements, collective agreements and labour agreements. The collective agreement is amended and annexed in the manner defined by this concluding code. The inter-professional agreement (inter-professional agreement) sets out general provisions on wages, work guarantees and benefits for employees in the industry. Each party to the employment contract must prove the amount of damage it has suffered. In film industry organizations, theatres, theatre and concert organizations, circuses, with the agreement of a parent (guardian, administrator) and a guardianship body, it is permissible to enter into employment contracts with persons aged fourteen and over to participate in the creation and/or representation of works of art, without harming their health and moral development.