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Under these profit transfer contracts, subsidiaries are required to transfer all profits to the holding company, which is free to use them for any purpose, including cross-subsidies in the commercial rail sector. The examiner`s report in accordance with paragraphs 293b and seq. the AktG on the voluntary review of the profit transfer contract between RH-N-KLINIKUM AG and the book also documents the controversy within the Zionist movement and the Jewish diaspora over the agreement that Schwarz shows to have “torn apart the Jewish world before the Second World War”. In particular, it describes the conflict between German Zionists and local German elected officials in the United States who argued for the agreement and, on the other hand, the traditional Eastern European leaders of American Jewish Zionists (such as the American Jewish Committee and Denjewish War Veterans) who opposed the agreement and called for a total boycott of Nazi Germany. In addition, with respect to item 8, para. 293g ( 3) AktG of the agenda, each shareholder must, at his request, provide all the essential information necessary to sign the profit transfer contract. This book documents the agreement between Nazi Germany and an organization of German Zionists in 1933 to save certain Judeo-German property and the voluntary emigration of German Jews to Palestine, before the Third Reich proceeded with expulsion and extermination. The transfer contract saved about 60,000 German Jews. A global economic boycott of Germany by the Jews contributed to an agreement between the Nazis and the Zionists.

[3] A significant portion of the money transferred comes from public subsidies, without which the infrastructure and passenger transport companies would not make a profit, as their own commercial revenues were insufficient to cover their costs. On this page you will find documents relating to points 10 and 11 of the 2014 annual meeting (decisions authorizing the conclusion of amending agreements and agreements concerning the termination of existing control and profit transfer contracts and the conclusion of new control and profit transfer contracts with subsidiaries).