Unw Collective Agreement Vacation

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Where for a vacation period, an employee: The City of Yellowknife has sent emails to members with the assurance that they claim to address key issues, including the awarding of contracts. These emails do much more than they explain. Promises and assurances are null and void if they are not in the collective agreement. The employer must have the conversation, return to the bargaining table and make its promises to the collective agreement. Here too, the UNW/PSAC negotiating team is eager to do so and is ready to return to the table at any time if the City of Yellowknife is ready to negotiate seriously. For every hour a worker receives, he or she is given leave of absence at the following rates: The employer has refused to increase the housing and leave allowance; They just agreed to spend money. In addition, the annual wage increases proposed by the city do not even correspond to the projected increase in the cost of living for 2019 and 2020. The city`s final offer would allow members to have less purchasing power and affect your ability to keep up with rising costs of food, child care and other necessities. The UNW/PSAC negotiating team is ready to negotiate seriously at any time. By submitting a final offer before the scheduled end of negotiations, the employer ignored many questions. Work-life balance is clearly an important priority for the negotiating team, but the city has decided to end the negotiations without addressing them. Or send them to: 37911 Mackenzie Highway Hay River, NT X0E 0R6 Hay River Health and Social Services Postings Job Postings GNWT Health and Social Services Professional Licensing Job Bank – Service Canada Finding Work in the NWT (PDF) There are more than 10 work balance requirements that the City of Yellowknife ignored in its final offer. Some of them are: the Authority has about 160 positions in the most diverse fields.

Our role within the Authority is to provide staff and consulting services to executives and staff. Our key areas or services are: Together, we are strong and united.