Security Assessment Agreement Salesforce

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Let your security resource use the following documents to frequently identify erroneous positive messages or settings-related security issues: Salesforce Security Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Send your completed security assessment form to Complete the application form and accept the agreement. Send all security vulnerabilities to If your security policies require you to conduct vulnerability and penetration tests for Anypoint Platform, ask for a security assessment before proceeding. For more information on transmitting a security vulnerability, see the security vulnerability search guide. Give your company a security resource to verify and validate test results. Summary of all the results and the associated severity of each search By default, CloudHub workers do not use static IP addresses, so you can`t test them because their IP addresses may change. You`ll find information about the activation of static IPs in the Static IPs settings tab. The automated system will contact you when your security assessment request is approved.

Explain why this example is considered a result after your security assessment request is approved, run the following steps: Confirmation number for your Salesforce-approved security assessment Contact your MuleSoft Customer Manager To request the security assessment requirement and the safety assessment agreement. The safety assessment agreement contains restrictions and requirements for testing. Because penetration tests can disrupt other customers, MuleSoft allows penetration testing for your employees, but not on other anypoint Platform services. Check your spam folder`s automated response before contacting Salesforce. For more information on the requirement form, please see the article to complete the safety assessment form.